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Decentralized Network

What is decentralized social media?

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By Jennifer Allen

Imagine a social media landscape where you’re not just a user but a citizen. A place where your data isn’t harvested and sold, and algorithms ...

Content Writer

What is content syndication?

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By Robin

Have you ever wondered how some bloggers manage to get their articles published in multiple places — from other people’s blogs to major publications like ...

Harnessing the power of blogging masterminds

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By Mandy

Blogging can be isolating, confusing, frustrating and difficult. Typically, if you’re a blogger, you’re a one-person outfit — not always, but usually. You don’t have ...

What is the Fediverse?

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By Jennifer Allen

Ever felt like you’re living in someone else’s house on social media? Like the rules keep changing, and the walls are plastered with AI-generated content? ...