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With more than 35 different programs and channels plus a dynamic community of nearly 400 bloggers, Brilliant Bloggers is your one-stop destination for blog support.

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Brooke Burks

I have been a member of Brilliant Bloggers since the Fall of 2022 and blogging since 2018. For years, I struggled to build authority and was clueless about how to leverage my site to increase traffic to make a major ad network. When I found Brilliant Bloggers, I also found some of the most helpful and inspiring people. A community of strong and genuine support, no matter the niche, no matter the size of my blog, no matter how much or how little experience I had, I was treated with respect and courtesy and given help in the true spirit of selfless giving and support. After 5 months, I made a major ad network and saw my sessions grow from 15k per month to over 60k, all from advice given in Brilliant Bloggers. In the time that I have been here, my domain authority has risen over 12 points from 24 to 36. More than anything else, Brilliant Bloggers has been about a community of like-minded people truly helping one another succeed in a business that is highly competitive and ever-changing. We are more like a team that plays like a team, coordinating plays that not only compound individual success but a win for the entire team.

BB is an incredibly supportive community with a wide range of bloggers who are always willing to share their expertise. When I joined, I was in the process of launching a new food/lifestyle site, and I had to learn several new skills and strategies. With its wealth of savvy food bloggers, BB helped me find the best plugins for my needs and round out the skills I’d already developed through my existing travel blog. My new site has grown much faster, thanks to BB, than it would have if I had to figure it all out on my own.

The BB community helps me stay consistent with doing things to build my traffic. The first thing I do on Mondays is to log in to see what we have going on for the week. I love that we have speakers join us for workshops and that so many members are willing to share their expertise for no other reason than to see each other succeed. A rising tide really does lift all boats, and I’m so glad to have found the BB group!

Michelle Price

Honest & Truly

Brilliant Bloggers has been the kind of motivation and knowledge that has helped me recharge my business after 15 years. I had gotten into a rut, but the encouragement of the community members, along with the sharing threads that got visibility to my content and the knowledge shared from and to the community, has really helped get me back on track. I am doing tasks that are actually growing my business even when Google keeps changing its mind and Pinterest explodes. Without this community, my traffic and income would be significantly down instead of growing. I’m so grateful I found it.

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